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Brita Water Filters and Rational Cleaning Accessories

At Combi Nation Solution Ltd. we are able to supply you with the range of water filters & chemicals needed to maintain the life and reduce breakdowns of your Rational oven.

Using the correct cleaning chemicals for your Rational is vital to ensure that your oven is covered under warranty, using the incorrect chemicals can be costly and increase your chance of breakdowns.

Detergent Tablets - For use with all SCC models
Care Tablets - For use with SCC care control & SCC 5 Senses (With blue drawer)
Rinse Aid Tablets - For use with SCC units without care control (Without blue drawer)
Grill Cleaner Liquid - For use with CPC/CM/CMP ovens
Rinse Aid Liquid - For use with CPC Ovens

If you are unsure which ones you should be using please contact us for advise.

Visit our online store to purchase the correct cleaning chemicals for your Rational.

Next working day delivery available on orders placed before 4pm.

brita water filters

Water filters for your Rational

If you operate an oven in a hard water area or use a non-care control oven it is advisable to have a water filter system fitted. These filter the water feed into the oven, reducing the possibility of breakdowns associated with limescale build up.

Whether you need a filter change, complete installation or advice regarding water treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.
Do you need chemical products for your oven? Call us on
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